Water Softener

You know the benefits of using filtered water for your skin, clothes, hair, and body. Did you know that using a water softener system can make a difference in the way you cook? Every day you use tap water to cook pasta, boil potatoes, soften bread dough, or steam vegetables. Water companies are getting good about delivering high-quality water, so that means tap water is safe enough to consume, right? Yes, but it can still be a lot better.

Water companies remove enough contaminants to ensure the water is safe enough to drink, but that still leaves behind a lot of germs and bacteria nobody wants in their body. By filtering your water, you rid it of contaminants that not only hurt your body but can significantly reduce the quality of your food.

If you’re the type of person who wants to present their family with high-quality meals, purchasing a water filtration system in Wellington is a must. Filtering your water is a simple way to transform your meals, bringing out the taste, texture and vibrancy of its original state. Read on to discover how impactful filtered water is when cooking.

Improved Taste

Can a water softener system improve the taste of your food? In a word, yes. You probably don’t recognize the taste of chlorine because you’ve grown so accustomed to using unfiltered tap water. The same goes for contaminants that find their way into our water, like germicides, nitrate and sometimes arsenic. Put it to the test by drinking a cup of unfiltered water, immediately followed by a cup of filtered water. You’ll instantly notice the difference. Much like drinking water improves when you filter out the bad stuff, so will the food you cook with filtered water. When additives from your water mix with the flavors of your food, this changes the overall taste. And it doesn’t stop there.

Loss of Vitamins and Nutrients

Many people steam instead of sautéing their vegetables as a way of preserving the vitamins and nutrients. However, if you’re cooking with unfiltered water, this can diminish the vitamin and nutrient content in your vegetables. This is especially important if you’re feeding growing children who depend on the significant nutrients found in produce. When you install a water softener system in your home, you preserve the flavor and nutritional content of your food.  Shop the products from Coastal Energy Water and Air for a system that’s right for your home.

Vibrant Colors

Additives like fluorine and chlorine affect the taste of food, but it also affects the color. The vibrant reds, greens, and yellows of fruits and vegetables are literally being stripped away by bleach in the water. It dilutes the natural color, making it less appetizing. Considering the appearance of our food affects how good it tastes, this is another reason to start filtering your water.

Improves Baked Goods

If you have ever baked bread, you know that yeast is a tricky ingredient. Add unfiltered water into the mix, and this further complicates things. Chlorine leads the pack of unfiltered minerals that affect the efficacy of yeast, which shows in a poorly risen product. These additives don’t interact well with yeast in any breads, but it’s especially troublesome with sourdough starters. Because yeast rises slowly in sourdough, that gives it plenty of time to get acquainted with chemical compounds found in your tap water. This can lead to a meager rise.

So, if you struggle to bake bread and rolls and wonder what the problem is, it’s probably not you, it’s your water. A water softener system may be the solution you’re looking for. Try our EC5 system, our most advanced product, featuring Rainsoft Remind, our interactive smartphone app that communicates information between you and the EC5.  

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