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Harmless minerals, like magnesium and calcium, live in our water. They won’t compromise our health, but they do cause problems. As a result, it’s a good idea to treat your water with a water softener system.  

An overabundance of minerals can lead to chalk and limestone, which has costly repercussions. 

For example, the residue can clog your pipes and improperly clean your clothes. To learn what exactly is in your water, you can do a water test. At Coastal Energy, Water and Air, we offer free water tests by trained water treatment professionals. 

What should you do if you don’t like what you find? 

Read on to find out. 

But first, how can you tell if you have hard water?

Signs Of Hard Water.

Hard water has a few telltale signs. The easiest way is to look for white-scale buildup on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. In less extreme cases, you may experience minimal buildup, so look closely.

We provide a free water test, but you can easily test the water yourself. One method is to add dish soap in a container filled with water. Shake it up and look at the suds. If you don’t see a lot of suds, hard water is the most likely cause. This is because soap and hard water don’t get along. Soap reacts with calcium, a mineral commonly found in hard water. The reaction forms soap scum. If you try this at-home method to test your water and you don’t see suds, it’s advised to buy a water softener system.

What Is A Water Softener System?

Water softener systems are appliances to treat your water, ridding it of minerals that may be present. There are two types of systems: salt-based and salt-free. Salt-based softeners are highly effective at treating severe hard water, while salt-free can be used in less extreme cases. The one disadvantage of using systems that are salt-based is that it leaves behind a salty taste to your water, but not to a great extent.

It’s important to purify your water if you suspect you have hard water. A good thing about water softener systems is that they treat the water supply for your entire home. Many purifiers only treat the water from one source, for example, a kitchen faucet. When treating your entire home, you remove harmful minerals from the shower faucet, dishwasher, washing machine, as well as bathroom and kitchen sinks.

It Saves You Money

Hard water shouldn’t be left untreated, as it could have costly consequences. If you would like to know exactly what’s in your water, contact us for a free water test

A common problem is scale build-up. This does a lot more than leave unsightly scum on and around your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It can also clog your pipes, which reduces the amount of space for water to travel through. When the water flow decreases, the pressure increases to properly flow through the pipes. As a result, more energy is being used, which can hike up your utility bills.

Because hard water and soap don’t react well together, hard water does a poor job of getting things cleaned the first time. This won’t just affect your dishes, but also your laundry, your hair, and your skin. To get a proper cleaning, you would have to increase the amount of soap you use, which can be costly over time.

Soft Hair And Skin

Not only does hard water do a poor job of cleaning, but it can also leave behind traces of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in your hair. When your hair holds these minerals, it becomes dry, brittle, and frizzy. These same minerals can also have a negative impact on your skin. It strips away the oils that your skin naturally produces, which leads to dry, itchy, irritated skin.

Saves You Time 

When you wash anything with hard water, you may not get the job done the first time. Therefore, you will have to re-wash the dishes that weren’t thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher or a load of laundry that still had a lingering foul smell. Let’s not forget the amount of scrubbing you will have to do to remove soap scum and lime from your kitchen and bathroom. In the end, you are better off with a water softener system.

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