Water Treatment System

Do you ever stop to think about the quality of water that flows out of your faucets and into your sinks? While it’s easy to assume that tap water is safe for drinking, several factors can affect its purity. One crucial factor is water pipe corrosion, which can leach metal particulates and contaminants into the water supply. Here’s what you need to know about water pipe corrosion and how to address it.

1. Corrosion Can Leach Metals into the Water Supply

Corrosion of pipes, valves, and fixtures can reduce water quality by introducing metal particulates and other contaminants that can become embedded in the drinking water. Metals such as lead, copper, iron, and zinc are commonly found in corroded pipes. These contaminants cause myriad problems, including discoloration of the water. In some cases, corrosion can also lead to disease-causing organisms in stagnant water, such as Legionella pneumophila.

You can address metal leaching by installing a home water treatment in Pompano Beach. A water filtration system can remove these contaminants and improve the quality of your drinking water.

2. Corrosion Creates Bacteria Breeding Grounds

Corrosion also affects water quality by creating areas where bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms thrive. Stagnant water in corroded pipes is a breeding ground for waterborne pathogens, which can cause serious illnesses. These organisms can be transferred to the water supply, causing serious health risks if left untreated.

Installation of a water filtration system can help reduce bacterial growth and improve water quality. Additionally, regular maintenance of pipes and fixtures is essential for preventing corrosion.

3. Corroded Pipes Can Reduce Water Pressure

Corrosion of pipes, valves and fixtures can reduce the water flow rate through the system, resulting in lower water pressure and potential health risk. Reduced water pressure can lead to inadequate water heating and reduced flushing capabilities. In addition, the lack of water pressure can make it difficult to maintain hygiene standards within your home or business.

To combat this issue, install an air and water treatment system to improve the flow rate and increase water pressure. The filtration system can also reduce sediment buildup and mineral deposits in the pipes leading to constriction and further water pressure reduction.

4. Corrosion Can Lead to Pipe Blockage or Leaks

As corrosion continues, it can cause blockages, reducing the water pressure and creating an environment for bacterial growth. If left untreated, corrosion can also cause leaks in the pipes, leading to flooding or a health risk from sewage backflow into your home drinking water supply. In extreme cases, corrosion can lead to pipe ruptures and water leaks, which can cause significant property damage.

Installing a water treatment system can reduce mineral deposition within the pipes and prevent blockages from occurring. Additionally, periodic cleaning and maintenance of the pipes can help prevent leaks.

Water pipe corrosion is a common problem that affects water quality and safety. You need to install a water filtration system to ensure your tap water is safe for drinking and other uses. Contact Coastal Energy Water and Air if you need a home water treatment in Pompano Beach. We offer customized filtration systems designed to reduce particulates and contaminants. Let us help ensure your drinking water is safe for you and your family.