Water Softener

After you shower, does your skin feel dry and itchy? Does your hair feel limp and unwashed? This may be a result of the hard water coming from your showerhead. Hard water contains a high amount of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Although it is perfectly safe to drink and shower in, it can cause breakouts, aggravate skin conditions, and it doesn’t effectively clean your skin and hair. If this is a problem you wish to fix, you may benefit from a water softener system. Water softeners remove minerals from the water, which leaves your skin smooth and your hair silkier. 

In this article, we’ll explain more beauty benefits of using a water softener system to purify your shower water, and how a water softener system works.

Benefits for Your Skin 

When you wash in hard water, soap doesn’t lather as well as it would with soft water. As a result, this interferes with how well the soap cleans your skin. You can experience a more effective cleanse by using more soap, but that becomes fairly wasteful after a while. Over time, this can result in:

  • Clogged pores
  • Soap residue left on the skin
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Eczema
  • Worsened skin conditions

Because soap and hard water aren’t compatible, you may be wondering if your laundry and dishes are being thoroughly cleaned. The answer to that is no because the cleaning capacity of soap is significantly reduced.

Soft water and soap work well together, because there are no minerals in it that affect soap. Because soap lathers better, it results in a better clean as no residue is left on the skin. You can purchase a purifier for your bathroom, but that doesn’t fix the hard water from your kitchen sink and washing machine. A water softener system can soften the water throughout your home, making ordinary water extraordinary.

Benefits For Your Hair 

Do you find that your shampoos don’t lather properly?

 Don’t blame your shampoo, and it’s not your new hair products either, as it’s likely the cause of hard water. Like with soap, shampoo doesn’t interact well with the minerals in hard water. As a result, your hair doesn’t get thoroughly cleaned. 

You must use more shampoo to achieve your desired lather, and the shampoo doesn’t rinse out effectively, which can strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy. In addition to this, shampoo buildup can lead to duller hair that is more difficult to style. Shampoo buildup can also fade your hair color if it is color-treated.

Soft water is a much gentler solution, for your hair and scalp. Hard water will interact with your scalp the same way it does the rest of your skin, resulting in dryness and itchiness. A water softener system, however, is mild on your hair and skin and allows the shampoo to rinse out thoroughly, preventing shampoo buildup.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your hair and skin, it may be the result of hard water. 

While safe to drink and use, it can present a range of problems, from dull hair to the development or flare-up of eczema. It’s within your best interest to buy a water purifier, as it also promotes overall health. Let’s not forget how efficiently it will clean your laundry and dishes, as well.

How A Water Softener Works

When you purchase the EC5 or TC series of water conditioner systems from RainSoft, you receive clear water through an intuitive, process that is easy to understand. We explain in the following steps:

  • Water enters the control valve and flows through the resin tank where resin beads attract minerals present in the water through a process called ion exchange.
  • When completely conditioned, the water exits the bottom of the resin tank, through the riser pipe, and then out of the control valve into your home, producing clean water.
  • The water softener system is self-cleaning based on your family’s water usage. When the resin beads can no longer hold minerals, a brine solution is drawn from the brine tank into the resin tank, stripping the hardness from the resin beads, where it gets flushed down the drain.
  • You can receive all the information about the water purifier through the LCD display, which offers a full menu of settings to be adjusted to your specifications.

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