Pompano Beach is a place of many things: beaches, business, and shopping. How do you manage to conquer all three each and every day? By staying hydrated, of course! 

With the heat, there’s definitely an increased need to hydrate! With that concern comes the question: Tap or bottled water?

If you drink from your faucet and you don’t have a water softener, then you may be drinking water of poor quality. Poor quality water doesn’t hydrate you enough, nor does it wash everything off of your skin. Not only that, but there are also health risks to consider. 

If you’re interested in making the water at home the best it can possibly be, then consider purchasing the RainSoft Water Softener System from Coastal Energy Water & Air for your home in Pompano Beach.

The RainSoft Water Softener System is the number one product in the water softener market, and for a good reason. The RainSoft Water Softener System not only makes your water better to drink, but it also can improve all of the aspects in which water is used! From washing your hands to washing your body to washing your clothes, your home’s appliances will be thankful that you switch to the RainSoft Water Softener System. 


Eradicate Harmful Bacteria and Minerals from Your Water

RainSoft is a very desirable water filtration system that has maintained the number one product in the water softener market for quite some time now. Coastal Energy Water & Air proudly offers the RainSoft Water Softener System to give the families of Pompano Beach peace of mind about their home’s water quality. When you install the RainSoft Water Softener System, every aspect of your home is improved. 


According to recent research, harmful sediments and chemicals can make their way into your tap water, which can expose your family to unexpected health concerns. At Coastal Energy Water & Air, we understand that having cleaner, clearer, and purer water improves each person’s quality of life. Other minerals like iron and aluminum can often appear in from hard water. Fortunately, a RainSoft Water Softener System in Pompano Beach can help purify water by removing many of the chemicals and contaminants impurities that can also make your water taste bad.


Spot-Free Clean Dishes

Are your dishes not coming back as clean as they use to? The problem may not be your dishwater, it may be the water! With unfiltered, low-quality water, mineral deposits cause the water to not adequately clean your dishes. Fortunately, with the RainSoft Water Softener System, your dishes can once again come out of the dishwater with a sparkle and a new shine!


Money, Money, Money

That’s what you’ll be saying after you install the RainSoft Water Softener System! Not only is the RainSoft Water Softener System affordable but can possibly cost you less than two cases of Zephyrhills a month! With saving money on the water bill and not spending money on bottled water, your bank account will be jumping for joy! 


Enjoy Baths & Showers Again

Bathing in unfiltered water can be harmful to your body, as harmful contaminants can be absorbed through the skin. But with the RainSoft Water Softener System, the water in your entire home can be filtered from a single point of entry. This means that the water will be more purified and cleaner, making your baths and showers not only more enjoyable but healthier too!


We Can Help

Coastal Energy Water & Air is the leading distributor of RainSoft Water Softener Systems in Pompano Beach. For over 40 years, Coastal Energy Water & Air has been improving the Quality of Life for our customers and their families by offering them environmentally responsible air and water treatment solutions for their homes. RainSoft is also backed by a 100 % money-back guarantee, meaning that if you don’t enjoy it, you can get your money back! If you live in Pompano Beach and would like more information about the RainSoft water filtration system, call the team at Coastal Energy Water & Air at (954) 333-3336!