Water Filter

There are many rumors about the quality of tap water. Some people claim that it’s completely safe, or else why would they distribute it. Others think that tap water is horrible for you and can cause severe illnesses. When it comes to rumors, the truth is usually found somewhere between the two extremes. And when it comes to the tap water we all drink, bathe in and do laundry with, the truth is in the middle. While your tap water is treated and pure at the place it sits, it doesn’t always present itself that way when it gets to your home. The problem, though, isn’t with the people and systems that handle the water. It comes down to the process the water goes through when you turn on your sink, shower, or washer machine. The treated water makes its way to your home, clean, but runs into pollutants, chemicals, and even water-borne pathogens on the way. But this is no longer a problem with a Rainsoft water filter.


Guaranteed Safe Water

Safety is most people’s top priority when it comes to all aspects of life. Whether you are driving, traveling, or drinking water, you want it all to be safe. And when it comes to your water, you especially want it to be safe to drink as you are consuming it. Water is essential for survival. And not even just that, but we require water to maintain our hygiene and nutrition. Even the thought of it being unsafe can be terrifying. That is why so many people are hopping on the Rainsoft water filter system bandwagon. The more people find out the negatives of tap water, the more popular the water filters get. And here at Coastal Energy, Water, Air, we can’t say we blame people. You cannot put a price on safety, especially water safety.


Lifetime Warranty

When you buy a Rainsoft water filter, you are making a sound investment. These products have a lifetime warranty on them. This warranty means that whatever happens, Coast Energy, Water, Air has your back. Even if you plan on moving in the next few years or are unsure of what you want to do, your water filter comes with you. And you don’t even need to do anything to make this happen. After you give our team a call, we can come out and uninstall the system, pack it up, and bring it to your brand new home. Our team handles everything for you. And we do this because we know how valuable clean water is. We want you to have peace of mind that your tap water is safe no matter where you live.


Cook and Clean With Peace of Mind

Some people do not mind knowing that their tap water can sometimes contain a variety of contaminants. After all, they have been drinking it their entire lives. But, the problem arises when they find out the negatives it has on cooking and cleaning. Your meals are actually much fresher when you have clean water. The vitamins your vegetables and fruits offer, the flavor of the food, and the freshness are better with treated water. Something else to consider is cleaning gets easier. Gone are the days of having to rewash your clothing multiple times. The untreated water can leave behind stains and make your clothes dingy. As a result, you may spend more time doing chores and spend more money on cleaning products. But with a Rainsoft water filter, you pay a one-time fee and are good to go. Your water, from here on out, is treated and can only improve your life.


Schedule Your Free Water Test Today!

Not sure if your tap water is negatively affecting your life? The only way to know the reality of your tap water is to get a water test done. And you’re in luck because here at Coastal Energy, Water & Air, we offer water tests for free. That way, you can know what you are consuming, showering in, and cooking with. To schedule your complimentary water test, give our team a call today at (954) 333-3336. While you wait for us to come out to your home, check out our website to learn more about Rainsoft products and the benefits.