Water Filtration

There is an easier way to get clean drinking water straight from your faucet. Make sure you’re drinking clean, filtered water with a whole house water filtration system in Davie.

Water filtration systems for homes and businesses alike can be installed under any sink. This takes out the step of filling up a water pitcher or drinking from a cup throughout the day.
If you don’t have a filtration system currently in place, invest in one today to ensure safe and clean drinking water for your entire family.

A Rainsoft water filtration system will provide you with the cleanest, freshest drinking water in Davie. Should you be interested in finding a great place to start your research, request a consult with Coastal Energy Water and Air.

There are too many harmful contaminants in our drinking water. Most of them are entirely safe to consume, but they can still have adverse effects on our bodies over the long term.

An example of this is arsenic. Arsenic naturally occurs in most water, but it can have severe health consequences if consumed over a long time. This includes things like bladder and lung cancers and congenital disabilities.

The most preferred way of ensuring you and your family are drinking the cleanest water available is by investing in a Rainsoft water filter system. There’s no need to risk your health for something as simple and affordable as clean water.

What are the primary water filters?

The most common water filtration system is your standard faucet filter–which can easily be installed under any sink. It’s easy to use and features a countertop design. This makes it simple to fill up a glass with clean water. There is another type of system called an under sink filtration system that features a canister tank installed under the sink.

Water is stored in this tank, and it passes through several filters before reaching your glasses or kitchen faucet.
Both of these designs are very popular and provide tremendous value.

What is Rainsoft? How does it work to filter the water?

Rainsoft water filters use a three-stage filtration process to remove contaminants from your drinking water. The first step involves removing large sediment particles and chemicals, while the second stage removes harmful microorganisms. The third stage pulls out heavy metals.

Each of these stages works to remove the contaminants from your water source before reaching your glass or faucet.

What size Rainsoft system do I need?

To determine what size you need for your whole house filter, you’ll have to make a note of your water usage.

An average family will use around 200 gallons of water a day, while a business with 50 employees may use as much as 5,000 gallons every day. Your Rainsoft dealer can help you determine what size filter you need for your home or office to ensure the best possible filtration quality.

What kinds of filters are available?

There are two main types of water filters: standard and reverse osmosis. Standard filters use a sediment filter, activated carbon filter, and ion exchange resin to remove contaminants from your water. Reverse osmosis filters remove more than 95 percent of contaminants from your water using a semi-permeable membrane.

This filtration process is prevalent and results in pristine drinking water, which tastes great. Reverse osmosis systems are recommended for anyone with highly contaminated water, but they can also remove salt from seawater.

There you have it! Do not hesitate to contact Coastal Energy Water and Air for more information about dealing with your Water Filtration System in Davie today.