If you’re like most Americans in the United States, clean freshwater is something we take for granted. And we don’t think much about it except when we are presented with a problem such as your water not cleaning your dishes properly or you notice a funny smell. If you are having issues with your water in your home or business and would just like to see an improvement in its quality then you should check out the RainSoft Water Filtration System. The RainSoft Water treatment system is the most popular water filtration system on the market today. Why? Because it impacts every aspect of your life from your drinking water to cooking to showering and washing your clothes to the maintenance of appliances and plumbing. Doesn’t your family deserve cleaner, clearer, better smelling water? At Coastal Energy Water & Air, a leading RainSoft dealer, we have been selling the RainSoft water filtration system since 1983. We are proud to say that it is the leading water filtration system on the market today and the most utilized system worldwide. Why? Because it is beneficial everywhere water runs in your home. 

RainSoft stands by its promise to deliver crystal clean phenomenal tasting water to its customers every day. Our customers agree that owning a RainSoft water conditioning system has improved their quality of life. There are so many advantages to using this system. From the kitchen where we cook and wash dishes to the bathroom where we bathe, shower, and wash our hair to the laundry room where we clean our clothing, water is a part of our everyday lives.

Why is RainSoft the only water filtration system you should own?

Here are a few reasons why you should install a RainSoft filtration system in Pompano Beach today to reap the benefits so many enjoy:

  •       Sometimes, the water in your shower is hard and makes your hair and skin dull and lifeless, not to mention dry. If you live are using RainSoft in Pompano Beach, you can be sure that your hair and skin will benefit from its gentle caress leaving your skin and hair soft and supple.
  • Seeing, smelling, and tasting is believing. Raw fruit and vegetables washed with a RainSoft water filtration system in your Pompano Beach home can make a world of difference. The taste of food is improved, while harmful pesticides wash off more quickly from your all fresh fruits and vegetables.
  •       Hydrating is so important, especially in South Florida, where the temperatures can soar over 95 degrees, especially in the summer months. RainSoft makes your hard-drinking water a pleasure to drink. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try a RainSoft water filtration system in Pompano Beach today?
  • Although we would like to think that our tap water is completely safe for drinking, there are times when minerals and unwanted chemicals find their way into our water. The RainSoft system ensures that your water is pure and free from harmful pollutants every time you drink a glass of water or wash your face.
  •         Minerals, calcium deposits, and other chemical sludge build-ups from water can interfere with your pipe system’s water flow and eventually damage your plumbing system. RainSoft alleviates that problem.
  •         Because most mineral deposits are filtered out, your appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine, and even your water heater and toilet will last longer, because of less wear and tear. In the long run that adds up to a lot of savings. And in this unprecedented time in our history, who could afford not to save money when job security is so unpredictable these days.

It’s portable – You can take it to your next home with you if you happen to move.

A local dealer and distributor of RainSoft in Pompano Beach and throughout South Florida for more than 40 years, Coastal Energy Water & Air was one of the first dealers to acquire RainSoft.  And it’s backed by a money-back guarantee. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to install a RainSoft water filtration system in your home today? The over one million businesses and homes throughout the world, who own a RainSoft system, can’t be wrong! Call the team at Coastal Energy Water & Air at (954) 333-3336, to get started on your new RainSoft system today.