Rainsoft, Water Treatment System

As long as our water is okay, most Americans take it for granted. We don’t realize the importance of good, clean water until we don’t have it. If you’ve been having issues with the water in your home our team at Coastal Energy Water & Air can help. The RainSoft Water treatment system is the most popular water filtration system on the market today. Why? Because it impacts every aspect of your life from your drinking water to cooking to showering and washing your clothes to the maintenance of appliances and plumbing. Doesn’t your family deserve cleaner, clearer, better smelling water? At Coastal Energy Water & Air, a leading RainSoft dealer, we have been selling the RainSoft water filtration system since 1983. We are proud to say that it is the leading water filtration system on the market today and the most utilized system worldwide.

The RainSoft conditioning system is one of the most affordable and accessible water filtration systems on the market today. It is beneficial everywhere water is used in your home. So, it is fair to say that owning a RainSoft water conditioning system can really improve your quality of life! Here are a few reasons why owning a water filtration system in Pompano Beach makes sense:

Removes harmful minerals – Minerals like iron and aluminum and chemicals like chlorine can often appear in hard water. A water filtration system can help purify hard water removing many impurities that can also compromise the water’s taste.
No more bottled water – If you’re worried about contributing to the mounds of plastic that end up harming the ocean’s wildlife and polluting landfills, then a water filtration system in Pompano Beach is for you. Are you tired of paying for bottled water? Then a water filtration system like RainSoft might be a perfect choice. The purchase of a RainSoft system will end up costing you less in the long run than buying endless bottles of spring water.
Helps plumbing and appliances – It can extend the life of your toilet, water heater, appliances, and pipes. The minerals in hard water tend to destroy the surface of your toilet, shorten the life of your water heater and clog your bathroom plumbing by building up over time. Nobody wants to deal with rusted or broken-down appliances. RainSoft can help extend the life of your plumbing system and appliances.
Produces sparkling clean dishes– Mineral deposits in your tap water are making it impossible for your cleaner to do its job. If it seems like no matter what dish soap or dishwasher cleaner you buy your dishes are always still a little dirty, a filtration system could be the answer.
More enjoyable baths and showers – Did you know that it can be just as unhealthy to bathe and shower in hard unfiltered water? Chances are your body is absorbing harmful contaminants through the skin, and chemicals like chlorine have been known to cause itchy dry skin. A whole house filtration system like RainSoft takes care of all these issues by filtering out the impurities from the hard water in your home.
A local dealer and distributor of RainSoft in Pompano Beach and throughout South Florida for more than 40 years, Coastal Energy Water & Air was one of the first dealers to acquire RainSoft. And it’s backed by a money-back guarantee. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to install a RainSoft water filtration system in your home today? Learn more about all of the amazing benefits the RainSoft water filtration system provides to families just like yours. Contact Coastal Energy Water & Air today and our team is happy to help you learn more and make a good decision on installing RainSoft in your home.