Water Filtration

Purchasing and installing a water system at home is the first step to ensure that you get clean and healthy water. However, some home water system maintenance is required if you want to maintain the freshness coming from your faucet.  

With the help of a properly maintained water system at home, you and your family can ensure safe and healthy water consumption at all times. This article will offer some hints and tips that will help you maintain your water system easily. Let’s get right into it! 

Weekly Cleaning Is A Must 

Since a water system is the most integral part of the house, you must maintain it properly. It is essential to clean the inside of your water system so that there are no build-ups of minerals, dirt, or contaminants in its filter.  

Ensure that you use mild products while cleanings and then gently rinse the entire system with warm water. There is no need to add harmful chemicals that will be absorbed into the water, and later you and your family will consume it. It can prove to be very dangerous. A weekly cleaning routine will help ensure that the system stays clean and there is no risk of consuming unsafe water.  

It is important to sanitize all the water system parts when you are cleaning your water filter, including the water dispenser, the line, and the cap assembly. Since you’ll be using a water softener, that can lead to a buildup of excess salt in the water filter. For that, all you need to do is switch off the system, remove the majority of the salt and use hot water to dissolve the blockage.  

Make Use Of New Filter Cartridges  

You will need to change the filter often, so make sure you do the daily check and are up to date on when the next date is for the filter change. The control unit displayed right on your water filtration system will help show you when it’s time to change. It can be signified to you as a daily status or in terms of the color-changing of a read-out.  

You can easily maintain your water system by changing your filter, which by the way, should be done when the water system indicates you to do so because if you don’t change it, it can become clogged. It is advised to make a note on your phone of the date you last changed your filter cartridge and see how long it will last. When changing the filter cartridge, make sure there are no leaks or drips, as that could be a problem in the long run.  

Easy At-Home Maintenance Tasks  

It is not that big a task to maintain your water system when you are properly guided and know what steps to take. You can take a few steps to ensure that your water system is in great working shape.  

Exercising The Valves 

Exercising your valve once a month will ensure they are in good shape and will. You can adjust the bypass valve to temporarily cut off the softener from your water supply, twist the intake and outtake valves to the off position, and then back to where they originally were. This will keep them going strong. If the valve has any leaking or dripping, you can replace it there and then.  

Rinsing With Water Softener Cleaner  

It is good to rinse the water system with a water softener cleaner once every few months. You can start by pouring the water softener cleaner into the brine tank and following the instructions accordingly. It will help in keeping the resin effective and working. You can opt for a high-strength product in case of high iron levels.  

Cleaning In Between The Resin And Brine Tank 

It is important to clean this twice a year. The nozzle and venturi valve between the tanks help create the suction that pulls water in to renew the system. It is necessary to clean this or clean it when the brine tank gets clogged.   

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