Water Filter, Water Filtration

Water can be found everywhere you look. Your body is 60% water as the Earth is 71% water. No matter where you look, water can be found! With that, it’s important to know where your water comes from and how safe it is. RainSoft has created the perfect Water Filtration System to improve your health.

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Despite seeming so convenient, the water we drink is only 0.3% of the water found on Earth. When the water is in its liquid state, you should be confident that you are drinking clean water.

With RainSoft’s Water Treatment System, your Hallandale Beach household can rest assured that you are using the best quality water available.

For cooking needs, RainSoft offers Drinking Water Systems that purify your cooking and drinking water that comes out of the faucet! As for your appliances that use water, we offer Water Treatment Systems that treat the water circulating through your appliances!

RainSoft water filters also help drinks taste better by using clearer water. This can be the difference between good coffee and great coffee.

Hard Water Removal
Approximately 90% of households in the United States have hard water. Hard water contains high quantities of calcium and magnesium giving it a white crusty look and feel. This mineral-filled water makes washing clothes and dishes at all that does not get any easier as hard water damages clothes and dishes. When you install a RainSoft Water Treatment System, your tap water will be cleaner.

The water used in your washing machine is cleaner when you use a water filter, meaning the laundry will come out whiter and brighter, and last longer saving you money on new clothes and cleaning costs! RainSoft water mixes perfectly with soap suds, which means home cleaning and maintenance will be a lot easier and streak-free.

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