Rainsoft, Water Filter, Water Treatment System

Tap water has always gotten a bad reputation. Everyone prefers water that goes through a filtration system so that the water used is crystal clear, clean, and refreshing. However, many homeowners in Pompano Beach don’t know what the best water filtration system is on the market today. If you’re one of those people, then you’ve come to the right place. Coastal Energy Water and Air promotes RainSoft, the top accessible water conditioning and softening system available. If you don’t have a water filtration system or looking to replace your current one, look no further than the RainSoft Water Treatment System.


At Coastal Energy Air & Water, we know how important water is to your family. The average family of four in Pompano Beach uses over 200 gallons of water per day. It sounds absurd, but it’s the truth! Between showering, washing your hands, using the restroom, or just getting a glass of water, water consumption has become a natural part of our daily lives that we don’t give much thought to. Many people only realize how poor their water quality is after living with terrible water quality for some time. Whether it’s the smell, taste, or color, you may need to look into replacing your water treatment system. Coastal Energy Air and Water is the #1 dealer of RainSoft water filtration products. We take pride in offering you and your family the best drinking water for all functions in your daily life. We believe in giving you and your family piece-of-mind, and that’s why our water filtration products are so popular.


If you need more reasons why you should have Coastal Energy Air and Water install a RainSoft Water Treatment System in your home in Pompano Beach, consider the following!

Gets Rid of Unwanted Chemicals

Although you may think your tap water is safe to consume, sometimes minerals and unwanted chemicals find their way into our water. With a RainSoft Water Treatment System, you can be sure that your water is pure and free from any harmful pollutants every time you drink a glass of water or splash water on your face.

Helps Prevent Damage  To Your Pipes

Minerals, calcium deposits, and chemical sludge can build-up and interfere with your pipe’s water flow. Damaged pipes can cause potential damage to your plumbing system. With a RainSoft Water Treatment System, that problem is eliminated immediately!

Your Food Will Taste Better

Washing your raw fruits and vegetables with a RainSoft Water Treatment System can make a world of difference, especially if you’re in a great city like Pompano Beach.  The resulting taste and overall appeal of your food are improved, all thanks to cleaner and better quality of water.

Washing Your Hair

If the water in your shower is hard and poor quality, your hair and body pay the price. Rather than trying to live with dull and frizzy hair and dry skin, replacing your water treatment system to a RainSoft will not only improve your water pressure but leave your hair and skin feeling better than ever before!

Better Than Bottled Water

Besides saving money from the cases and cases of bottled water we buy from the grocery store, plastic pollutes the oceans and ends up overflowing in landfills. With RainSoft crystal clear water, you can both help fight against pollution and enjoy the water that’s more delicious than store-bought water.

Appliances Last Longer

Since the majority of mineral deposits are filtered out, your appliances will last longer, and that will save you money in the long run.

A local dealer and distributor of RainSoft in Pompano Beach and throughout South Florida for more than 40 years, Coastal Energy Water & Air was one of the first dealers to acquire RainSoft. If you are experiencing any of the problems previously mentioned, then consider replacing your current system with a RainSoft Water Treatment System. RainSoft is also backed by a 100 % money-back guarantee, so if you don’t enjoy it, you can get your money back! If you live in Pompano Beach and would like more information about the RainSoft water filtration system, call the team at Coastal Energy Water & Air at (954) 333-3336.