Water Softener

Your tap water may be considered drinkable, but unless you currently use a water purifier, it isn’t pure. Most of the tap water people drink is chlorine-treated and harbors harmful bacteria and chemicals. 

You can easily rid your tap water of contaminants by installing a high-quality water softener system by Coastal Energy Water and Air. This will ensure that the water you drink is clean, pure, and perfectly safe.

Choosing a quality product, like the Rainsoft Water Treatment System can make all the difference. 

It will filter your water, ridding it of bacteria, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. If you don’t currently own a water purifier, here are four reasons why should change your mind.

Remove Foreign Contaminants 

Water picks up a lot of foreign contaminants as it passes through pipes. The farther the water has to travel, the more it picks up along the way. This includes lead, pesticides, and even viruses that we then put into our bodies when consuming tap water. 

Municipal water treatment systems in the U.S. are doing a good job of removing foreign contaminants from water. However, even water authorities know that it’s impossible to remove all the contaminants found in our tap water.

Even though your tap water may be considered safe to drink, how comfortable do you feel giving unfiltered tap water to your pets, family, friends, and to yourself? 

Depending on what is found in your water and where you live, it can cause serious health issues, including diarrhea and dysentery. 

Improved Water Quality 

After drinking tap water, a lot of people complain about the chlorine taste and even its gritty texture. When you use a high-quality water softener system, you remove the elements that give tap water the unwanted taste, smell, and even texture you often experience, thus significantly improving the taste. Water purifiers can also lower the pH level found in water, resulting in less acid in your blood and cells. 

Our drinking water systems will also help you save a fortune on bottled water. 

Protects the Environment 

Many people are concerned about the state of the planet and work to reduce their carbon footprint. Single-use plastics, like bottled water, are extremely harmful to the planet because we only use them once, and then discard them. Since most plastic is not biodegradable, that bottle of water you used once will stay on this planet hundreds of years later. Consider the damage that is done by purchasing a standard 24 pack of water. 

Furthermore, the pollution emitted from manufacturing those plastic bottles takes an additional toll on the environment. You can eliminate the need for single-use water bottles by purchasing a water softener system instead. Enjoy “bottle fresh” water in a sustainable way.

Reduces Hard Water Use

Hard water does an inferior job cleaning residue off of your clothes and dishes. Most people don’t realize this, but they cannot thoroughly clean the residue off their skin and hair when using hard water in the shower. This is because it makes the fatty acids in soaps and shampoos form chemicals that coagulate. 

Additionally, if you have skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis, hard water can enhance the problem. People who have sensitive skin may experience additional skin problems caused by hard water.

Even though most people don’t have a problem washing with hard water, if you suffer from skin conditions or eye sensitivities, you may benefit by eliminating the use of hard water with a water softener system.

Choose our Rainsoft Water Softener

Rainsoft has become an industry leader in treating, filtering, and softening water for over one million homes and businesses across the globe. Don’t use just any purifier – get a product you feel confident will remove all types of particles from your water. 

If you’re interested, contact us today. We’ll send out a trained water treatment professional to assess your home’s water system with a free in-home analysis of your water.