How Can Using A Water Softener Improve Quality And Eliminate Hard Water?

Water Softener

The quality of the water we drink and what we are consuming can have significant impacts on our health.  Every year an average of 45 million people are drinking poor quality water that affects their energy levels and digestion.  These issues can be avoided by understanding that water quality is critical for ensuring good health. […]

Choose the Best Air Purification System for Your Pompano Beach Home

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Did you ever think about how the air in your home affects the health of your family? The Environmental Protection Agency states that the average home’s air quality can be up to 40 times dirtier than the air outside. You should learn all you can about the AirMaster Ultra, an indoor air purification system that […]

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Water Test On Your Property?

Water Test

Most people assume that the quality of their drinking water is safe, as the municipality will test for dangerous chemicals and bacteria.  According to the Center for Disease Control, 90% of the population gets drinking water from public supplies. Despite local communities working hard to test and maintain safe drinking water. The reality is that […]

Find Out What Makes the EC5 OxyTech a Must-Have Product

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With more and more people becoming conscientious of what they put in their bodies, the demand for water filters has only increased. Now, it’s common to see water filters throughout one’s home. Everything from a water filter pre-installed in the refrigerator to add-on products for showerheads is around the average household. But, consumption isn’t the […]

South Florida Needs Treated Water

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It’s a healthy move to get your water tested and treated. Rainsoft has hundreds of happy homeowners in South Florida. Our customers appreciate the health advantages of clean, treated water in their lives. References Always Provided We are always glad to discuss what water treatment was carried out on-site. Ask questions. We can provide information […]