3 Reasons to Do a Water Test For Your Home Immediately!

Water Filter

No matter how safe you think your water is, you never truly know what could be in it. Some of the information may be able to be found online; however, there is only one real way to know for sure. Getting your water tested by a professional is the only proven method of knowing what […]

The Water Filter Product Everyone Needs: EC5 OxyTech

Water Filter, Water Treatment System

Tons and tons of households have water filter products for water consumption. From sink filters to kitchen fridge filters, everyone has their preference. But, water consumption is not the only thing that should be filtered. Water should get filtered in all aspects. Your shower water, laundry water, and sink water all should receive the same […]

Here Are 3 Must-Have RainSoft Products for Your Pompano Beach Home


Clean water matters to everyone. However, everyone cares about their water on different levels. Some people want their whole home to only use fresh, natural water. While others only place this emphasis on clean water when it comes to consuming it. Whatever part of the spectrum you fall on, Coastal Energy Water & Air offers […]

Game-Changing Water Purifiers & Filters for Your Pompano Beach Home

Water Purifier

Pure, clean drinking water does not need to come from fancy water bottles or super popular filters. There are other less wasteful and more convenient ways to have healthier drinking water in your home. Two examples are the RainSoft water filters from Coastal Energy Water & Air, Ultrefiner II, and Hydrefiner II. With one or […]